About Us

Make a difference in your community and in your life. Whether you’re seeking a way to meet people, to improve your community or to build your own personal and professional repertoire, Jaycees has a lot to offer you.

What could you gain from joining over 3,000 other professionals aged 18-40?

A larger business network. Once you join, you’ll have access to chapter communication tools that will facilitate your interaction with others. This is a rich networking environment for connecting with other young professionals, whether you’re hoping to find new customers or looking for referrals for services you need.

New professional skills. As young adults, many of us are still in the early stages of our careers, or even changing careers. That’s why we offer workshops and leadership development opportunities that expand professional knowledge and confidence. Budgeting, project management, personnel management, fundraising, and public speaking are just a few of the skills you can develop or enhance in the Jaycees.
New friends. By participating in projects that interest you, you’ll meet people that have similar interests. Some members have even met Mr./Mrs. Right through the Jaycees.

The satisfaction of helping others. We do LOTS of community service and charitable fundraising. The opportunities to serve others and feel good about you abound in the Jaycees.

New personal skills. Almost no activity is off-limits for Jaycee project subject matter! Past projects have included wine tasting, financial planning, car maintenance, Scrapbooking, resume writing, home buying, you name it! It always seems a little easier to try new things with a group of people you already know than all by yourself. New project ideas are always welcome!

Fun opportunities for sports and leisure. We run several fitness events. These projects vary each year but often include seasonal leagues such as bowling and softball, and individual events such as hiking, cycling, rock climbing, golf, horseback riding, etc.

A new perspective. We sometimes offer projects that explore interpersonal relationships, religious and spiritual issues, international cultures, and other topics that can help you become more enlightened.