Zombie Pub Crawl

Save the Brains for the Zombies Charity Crawl

September 27th 2014


Benefiting the fight against Cerebral Palsy!!

We will be donating money raised from this charity crawl to United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago and Seguin Services

About the Event:

Join us for our annual charity pub crawl in Mount Prospect. We will be meeting at Bar Louie at 5pm to check in. At approximately 5:30 we will start our crawl at E&O, proceed to the following restaurants and then end at Bar Louie. There will be drink and food specials throughout the night and zombie-themed games at each location.

Here is our line up and some information to know if you are attending.

Meet at BAR LOUIE.

4:45 PM – 5:25 PM – Bar Louie (200 E. Rand Rd. Mt. Prospect, IL ) for set up and makeup
5:30 PM – 6:45 PM – E&O    http://www.eofoodanddrink.com/
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM – Blackfinn http://mtprospect.blackfinnamericangrille.com/
8:30 PM – 9:45 PM – Buffalo Wild Wings    http://www.buffalowildwings.com/
10:00 PM – 11:15 P – Bar Louie  http://www.barlouieamerica.com/locations/Mt-Prospect.aspx

11:15 PM – Close – After Party at Bar Louie

If you are attending and haven’t signed up yet, please do so NOW! Day of pricing goes from $25 per person to $30 per person. Please bring exact change for payment.


T-Shirts are given out on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.
Please arrive early if you’d like a T-Shirt.

See everyone tomorrow!

Specials for Bar Louie

Whiskey Delta-
$5 Patron XO CocoJP Wisers Spice Vanilla
Served in a shot glass

Zeds Dead- $7 Sky
Blood Orange Vodka
Blood Orange Dekyper
Top with OJ
Float Razzmatazz Raspberry Liqueur
Served in 14oz glass

Molotov Cocktail- $6 Epic Grape Vodka
Cedillia Acai Liqueur
1 lime squeezed and droppedTop with cranberry
Served in 9oz glass

Happy Hour Apps will be available from noon-7pm
Apps include- available at ½ price during this time
Veggie Flatbread
Verde Chicken Flatbread
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
Crispy Calamari
Boneless Chicken Wings
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Trio Dips and Chips
Chicken Quesadilla
Cheese Quesadilla
Bruschetta Pomodoro


What is Cerebral Palsy?

While cerebral palsy (pronounced seh-ree-brel pawl-zee) is a blanket term commonly described by loss or impairment of motor function, cerebral palsy is actually caused by brain damage.

The brain damage is caused by brain injury or abnormal development of the brain that occurs while a child’s brain is still developing — before birth, during birth, or immediately after.

Cerebral palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. It can also impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor functioning.

Those with cerebral palsy are most likely born with the condition, although some acquire the condition at birth or shortly thereafter depending on cause. Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy may not always be apparent at birth. The child will likely experience a delay in development and growth milestones.

Learn more about this condition at http://cerebralpalsy.org/about-cerebral-palsy/